Drabbles;; Soldier, Princess, Death
Just a few Link/Sheik/Zelda. Nothing to romantic, just some fluffy stuff at best. Done in class when I had nothing to do.

Title: Born again.
Pairing/Characters: Link Zelda and Sheik
Rating: G
Authors Notes: Nothing really, just my mind running away on me.


Heart beat after heart beatCollapse )


Title: Moon and Sun
Pairing/Characters: Link/Sheik/Zelda
Rating: G/PG
Authors Notes: A 'what if' story. Mainly looking at the time after Ganondorfs' defeat.

Moon continued her normal path, kissing each little star...Collapse )

Title: Wolf and the Skeleton Soldier.
Pairing/Characters: OoT!Link/Female!Sheik and I think I hinted at TP!Link/Midna
Rating: PG
Authors Notes: 'Soldier' refers to OoT!Link and 'Hero' it TP!Link. I also like playing with the idea that OoT!Link is TP!Link's grandfather. 'Nuff said.


The red eyed wolf and the skeleton soldier...Collapse )

A Honest Mistake Chapter 2
liney boy linebeck keitorin
"Kid, I'm not in the fucking mood to be readin' nothin'..." He said, rolling over.

"L-Linebeck!" The captain sat up, snatching the paper,

"Fine, dammit! This better be good..."

The man rubbed his eyes, trying to focus on the paper. His eyes went back and forth, "...Ehh, I'm sorry about your mother, kid... I-- WAIT!" His eyes widened and he brought his arm up and held his head.

"L-Link... I-I... Oh, Din..." He rubbed at his face, "Damn, it's too early for this crap!" Linebeck was glared into his hand.

"Lineb- Daddy...?"

"KID, NO." Link whimpered, stepping back. "This has to be some mistake... I mean, there is no wa- I don't remember having a son... There... are tons of men named Linebeck...." He said forcing a laugh. "No.... not really..." Link said, staring at his feet.

The boy looked up, "Well that means you'd to have known my mother!"

"Link, I-"

"You, Linebeck, did you...?"

"Did I what?!"

"Sleep with my mother???" He blurted. Linebeck looked at his face and gave him an odd look,

"Kid, I ain't gonna remember some chick I supposedly slept with thirteen years ago!"



"Did... you uh... hmhmm, with a girl named Ceiliana?!" Link asked, a serious expression on his face.

Linebeck gulped. Ceiliana. He hadn't heard the name in years.

This kid, his new lover, was her- HIS SON? "Link... I... think... I-" Link's arms went around the man, he was tearing up. "Linebeck, I never thought I had a father! I-I... don't know if I should be happy... or..." Linebeck was still putting things together, along with the newfound fact his once dear lover was dead (which he was quite upset over, though he hid it), and he looked away. "I...I- Does this change anything?" Linebeck asked in a confused voice as he tried pulling away...

"I... I gotta think..." Linebeck sighed, he wasn't sure what to think about it either.

"I do know though that I would've expected my daddy to be a bit more stronger..." He said just slightly teasingly.

Linebeck wasn't in the mood to comment back.

Drabbles;; Backlog Dump
Title: Darkside Betrayal
Pairing/Characters: Ganon's Puppet Zelda and man!Sheik
Rating: PG to M for death
Authors' Notes: YAY! more depressing crap... :T

Does it make you feel like a big man to use a woman's body...Collapse )

Title: Without a Thought
Pairing/Characters: Zelda(4swords)/Green
Rating:G to PG for a kiss
Authors' Notes: YAY! Non-depressing crap ... :T

They both act without thinkingCollapse )

Title: Unnamed
Pairing/Characters: Dark Link/Link
Rating: PG for two guys kissin'
Authors' Notes: Heh, music based stuff.

There's a he wolf in the closet -shot for bad humor-Collapse )

Title: Dark Shield
Pairing/Characters: Ganondorf/Zelda
Rating: PG for kisses
Authors' Notes: Yay! A pairing I don't like but the song fit!


Title: Love Hate
Pairing/Characters: Vaati/Link
Rating: PG for kisses
Authors' Notes: Why do I like this pairing so much...?

Why do I like Vaati so much?Collapse )

Title: Odd Relations
Pairing/Characters: Linebeck/Female!Sheik
Rating: PG to M for kisses and grinding
Authors' Notes: My favorite crack pairing~

It doesn't seem to work but I love them~Collapse )



Chapter One: An Honest Mistake
Author: spirits_shadows 
Pairing: Linebeck/Link
Rating: M for mentioned underage sex and incest
Authors' Notes: Well, yeah. i got off my ass and did the first chapter for the collab fic with captlinebeck  . I'll send it off to beta when I next see her although Becks hasn't seen anything wrong with it.


Chapter OneCollapse )


Welcome to Shadowfield Bar,

In this community, we post Zelda fiction. Any pairing could pop up here, crack or not. The main story that's going up is 'An Honest Mistake', a Linebeck/Link story. captlinebeck  or myself will be the main posters, if you wish to join, please contact me.

I also do the tagging, just leave them blank and I'll do them for you.

Thanks a bunch,

~ spirits_shadows 


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